See the Light in Every Situation

light, transform darkness, shift energy blocks, how to see the bright side

When all seems dark, imagine the view from the Sun.

(God) What is your biggest fear?
(Me) That there is no light. 
(G) That you can see?
(M) What?
(G) That there is no light that you can see.
(M) Right. That is what I said.

(G) There is a huge difference. 
(M) I don’t get it.

(G) When you can’t see the light, it doesn’t mean it is not there. It just means that you can’t see it.
(M) Oh.

(G) See?
(M) Sometimes. There are a lot of double negatives in there.
(G) Sum it up for me then… just to be sure. 
(M) Ok. When I cannot see the light, the light is still there. I guess this is a “don’t worry about it so much” lesson.
(G) Exactly.
(M) But how, how do I see the light?
(G) See me. 

No matter what we see, do or create, it is only a taste of what God has in mind.

Since I am an analogy person, I think of cloud cover. Layers of rain-soaked clouds will make you forget the feel of the sun, but the sun still burns. Don’t let your view from the ground ever make you forget that.

This week, take a view from the sun, and watch light envelop every circumstance.

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