How Did I Get Here !?

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Everyone wants some-thing. 

Thing (n): solution, boyfriend, lifestyle, salary, vacation, freedom, dream

Your somethings hover just out of reach. Almost maliciously, they whisper reasons why your fingers should curl in on themselves. Each reason is an ego-blow.

Each reason is another opportunity to settle, if you choose.

  • You believe you aren’t good enough, so you settle.
  • You believe you don’t have what it takes, so you settle.
  • You believe there is just no time for that, so you settle.
  • You believe you don’t deserve that kind of ease, so you settle.
  • You assume it is not practical, so you… settle.

You wake up one day to a mediocre life and ask God, “Why me!?” You forget that an accumulation of choices, and not fate, led you here.  

In case you forgot, this is your life, so here is a PERMISSION SLIP: Choose it.

If you have a something  just out of reach, ask yourself: What is my excuse? Once you see your reasons, swap them with truth.

If you have trouble erasing years of role modeling, naysayers and doubt, don’t worry. We have tried & true techniques for that. I can even tell you about them sometime. All you have to do is ask.

See you in life, 

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