Set Resolutions that Stick

goal-setting, goals with soul, new year resolutions, danielle laporte, vision boards, heart-inspired goals

Let me introduce you to a new kind of goal-setting.




Post-it notes. Vision boards. Action steps & fantasies.

January drips with expectation. Action-oriented goals double-dare us to fail. Then why, I ask, do we keep goal-setting like we are middle-schoolers learning to make a to-do list?

This year, I beg you to scrap measurable lists and to fall in love with heart-oriented intention. As Danielle LaPorte would say, it is time to make “goals with soul.”

In her Desire Map series, LaPorte asks us the important question, “Why?”

  • Why do you want to sweat to Zumba this year?
  • Why do you want to be behind the wheel of that car?
  • Why do you want to be written into a love story?
  • Why?

When we ask “why?” we move out of our cycle of expectation and disappointment and into a cycle of hope and fulfillment.

Here is how you can move from fear-driven goal-setting to heart-driven intention setting. 

  1. Answer, “What do you want?” Write an answer for different areas of your life. 
  2. Answer, “Why do you want that?”
  3. Really, “Why do you want that?” How will you feel when you get it? If you have to, picture yourself at your desired outcome. Once there, how do you feel?
  4. Look at your list of feeling words. Circle the feelings that seem to thread through your goals like a strong theme. I bet there are about 2-4 feelings that drive all of your desires.
  5. Every day, re-visit your core intentions. Do one thing every day that makes you feel this desire. You will end up going farther and achieving more.

These my friends are your core intentions, your truth.

Own them. Honor them. Feel them. Now.

When fear comes up to tell you that you can’t have your core intentions, let the fear go. Use EFT, meditation or prayer to surrender the fear and move back toward love.

To schedule an EFT session to let go of the key moments and fears that hold you back, contact me today. 



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