Finding Your Purpose is Easier Than You Think

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Finding your purpose shouldn’t be hard. Its actually more exhilarating than you think. Contact me to learn more.

Talents Are Easy to Find

In two weeks I am helping to lead a talent & strengths workshop in three women’s shelters in New Delhi, India. Our team’s goal is to help women identify their most fulfilling life moments, to uncover what about the event was life-giving. Their talent is the very thing that makes them come to life. Coming to life is natural and so is the talent. The next step is giving them the tools to maximize and practice using their talent in work, life, and relationships.

My favorite aspect of Rick Yamamoto’s program is that natural talents bring people to life. Talents are attractive, compelling and success-inducing, but more importantly, they are a gift. The last part of the training helps people put talents to use for the good of others.

You are meant to use your talent to make the world a better place. Are you going to give us what we are waiting for, or will you continue to  withhold?

 Are you Taught to Be Unfulfilled?

You were born. You had a purpose. You had a voice to share it. The world waited, hoping you wouldn’t remain silent.

You went to school. Your gifts were stuffed into five subjects. Math, English, Science, Social Studies and History chafed your soul’s talents.

You picked a University. The selection of majors felt like fancy alterations of subjects you learned in kindergarten. You rebelled, and took art classes. Or even better, you transferred to photography school.

You got a job. The robotic day-to-day made you look for a new one. You’re still looking. Sshh… you don’t want your boss to know.

You are a first-world citizen who learns that test scores and salaries mark success. You wonder why 40 million Americans struggle with anxiety. You wonder why 14.8 million struggle with severe depression and 2.2 million struggle with OCD.

You wonder why you wake up and fall asleep feeling unfulfilled.

Oh snap, maybe that feeling is your purpose begging to live. It is your voice saying it is ready to stop preaching everyone else’s truth and start speaking up about your own.

What makes you come to life?

Answer the following questions to start uncovering your unique talent.

  1. What are your top 5 most fulfilling moments ever!? Think of energizing, fun, and fulfilling moments. When have you felt most alive? Try to pick three that don’t relate to your profession and two from before age ten.
  2. What makes them fulfilling? Was is the planning? The doing? The reviewing?
  3. Who was with you? How did they play a role in the energizing quality?
  4. Review your answers.  Look for similarities between each moment.

What makes you come to life IS your talent. #speakup

Isn’t that exciting? Remember, you are 1 in 8 billion, not 1 in 5. If you have never heard of your talent, it just means you haven’t spoken it into existence yet.

Your next step

Meet with someone to brainstorm ways you can bring your talent into your workplace, your home and your next date.

To learn more from me or to schedule a time to uncover your gifts, or the gifts of your family, friends or coworkers, contact me and mention Talent-training.

Tweet your answers @jackiepoinier #speakup or share them on my Facebook page.

I look forward to hearing your voice!



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