Creativity is Truth

Goal: Strive to be my best.

My best is NOT the same as the best.

The best is code for “someone else’s best.” It is code for “better than everyone else.” It is code for separate from & looking down at everyone else.

The  mental & physical expectation to be the best annihilates creativity.

My creative vacuum starts with a list of hypotheticals.
What are my expectations?
What are theirs?
Will I fulfill them. 
Will I fail?
How badly?
Who will I let down?
How will I scrape myself off the pavement? Will it be possible?

Before I start a project, meet a client, or pick up the phone, I am living inside a vacuum of hypotheticals. By the time I snap back to reality, I’ve drenched my brain with so many worst-case scanarios, I will probably begin to live one.

Anxiety feeds off of hypotheticals.

Hypothetical situations. Hypothetical endings. Hypothetical feelings, which are indistinguishable from real ones. They both suck the creative life out of me.

Before the first step, I choose to fall to a hypothetical bottom.

Snap out of it.

Who or what am I letting define my worth?

A) Boss  B) Parents  C) Facebook Likes  D) God/Love/Truth

When I choose options A,B, or C, I am a slave to hypotheticals.  

When I choose Truth, I am a slave to truth. I am a slave to love. I choose inspiring hypotheticals, hypotheticals worthy of my inner 4-year old that can’t spell, let alone believe in doubt. Truth is something that a 4-year old doesn’t need to spell. Truth is something I can feel. It is something I can speak. It is something I can live.

Speak your truth. Live your best. Blow us away.

To tap into it, hit me up.

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Your truth = awesome.

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