If the Girl Could Sing

If the girl could sing

She would tell you how her heart first got tangled in her spine. 

Paint a picture of the moment that made her blood grab fast

to every vertebrate that may have held her pulse together.

She may make a sound, deep in her throat,

like the echo of each beat when she is feeling most hollow.

She would tell you that

She may have breaks, but she is not broken.

Bruised, but holding on to power that was never beaten out of her. 

If she could sing,

she would let the echoes move through you 

until you remember what it feels like 



heartbreak, how to heal from heartbreak, love, heart wounds, relationships, breakups, inner healing, jackie poinier

Strength comes from each tug.

Hearts break. People do too.

Your heart and your identity can break at the same time, but it is not the same event. A broken person is not a powerless one.

A person who chooses life despite their breaks is a powerful one. 

Let yourself feel your power. Start by looking into the breaks. 

Thank you to the most powerful woman I know. You sang the essence of this song to me. I’m just passing it along. 

I love you.

XOXO Jackie

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