One Key to Being Your “Best” Self: Stop Trying

Maybe its ludicrous, or absurd, or the fault of hypochondriacs world-wide, but we are all perfectionists.

An aisle of every pharmacy is devoted to nasal clarity. A multi-million dollar market controls pharmaceuticals. People pay rent-like prices for niche yoga and gym memberships.

Maybe we are crazy. Maybe we are on to something. I really can’t tell.

I can’t tell if we strive to be better because we are obsessed with the best-version of ourselves, or if we strive to be different because we are repulsed by the current version.

I’m really not sure.

I am sure that I crave health, whether it is a healthy mind or body or spirit. Frankly, to me, they are all the same. 

Have you ever had a stuffy nose for so long that the thought of fully inhaling is mind-blowing?
  • A perfect immune system =  Miracle-status.
  • A tip-top muscular system: Owoww.
  • An easy breezy mental state = Euphoric.
  • A fully functioning electrical system: Hmm.
What is the electrical system?

Well, It is the least marketed (or shall I say, least well-marketed) body system. 

It is the system we cannot see. The electrical system is the body’s natural pacemaker.

You can’t see the .04 seconds it takes for an electrical impulse to leave your heart’s right atrium and zip in between the left and right atria causing contraction. Boom. Your heart beats. 

You can’t see the 100 billion neurons that make up the brain’s nervous system, without a microscope that is. Each neuron sends an electrical impulse that tells the body how to function. Boom. You move, feel and think.

Like any electrical current, you are magnetic.

Yes, you are magnetic.

Just think about two magnets pulling toward one another. You can’t see the current, but you can definitely feel it. The way you think, move and feel affects the way people think, move and feel around you.

What happens when your electrical system is unhealthy?
  1. Your other body systems cannot communicate.
  2. You feel stressed, hopeless and anxious because there doesn’t seem to be a reason for all the physical symptoms that crop up in life.
  3. You attract people on the same “wavelength” as you, which only feeds into your current problems.
Is there medication or membership to fix an unruly electrical system? No.

You simply haven’t blown your electrical system’s nose in years… or ever.

There are many ways to blow out the gunk. Here are some techniques:

  1. CHIROPRACTIC: A chiropractor will knock your nervous system back into place. When your nervous system communicates with the body’s other systems, you move more easily, think more clearly, and feel better.
  2. MEDITATION: Giving your brain and body mental rest allows kinks to work themselves out naturally.
  3. ACUPUNCTURE, ACUPRESSURE & REIKI: Yes, I am aware that this sounds New-Agey. It Is a stigma that needs to dissolve ASAP. Energy therapy is rooted in science. Electrical health is a F.A.C.T (For Anyone Considering Truth)
  4. DO E.F.T ACUPRESSURE YOURSELFE.F.T is way to easy to not do daily. Tap on 7 meridian points for 5 minutes a day = Re-align your polarity + balance your body’s energy system + set your  body systems up for success. 
  • Energy = Electrical Currents
  • Meridians = Paths of Electrical Current
  • Energy Practitioner = Electrical Current Doctor

Maybe it sounds absurd, but so does everything else we do to feel good.

You may seek to feel good with selfish ambition. You may seek it with selfless devotion to your family’s needs. How about you seek neither. That “self” is just a copy of someone else you met, who is just a fabricated version of someone they met. 

The most selfless thing you can do is to actually be, and feel yourself.

Start by blowing your nose. ALL of them. Then, tell me what it feels like to breathe.

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No one ever eats the golden egg anyway! aka rotten egg.

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