Why Flaws Aren’t Real

Every person in your life is a mirror.

The mirror can work in two ways.

  1. You can look for everything you want to change.
  2. You can recognize everything that is already beautiful.

Your eyes are trained to see flaws. Each one feels real enough to break you, especially when it is pointed out by your partner, or your ex-lover or your dad (love all of you!).

Flaws are man-made and human-enforced. They are at the whim of relationships, parental expectations and cultural norms. It is why perfection feels ambiguous, fleeting and impossible.

Fortunately, FLAWED is a hand-written wordPERFECTION is a god-breathed word.

Perfection is our nature. The appreciation of it is our choice

When you feel superior to someone that annoys you, think of it as an invitation to love a “flaw” in yourself that aches to be accepted. When you feel inferior to someone, see it as a reminder of a gift in yourself that screams to be remembered.

And then, tell me what you find. (thats what comments are here for!)

This week, appreciate the beauty that you see, in the world, in your people, in your bathroom mirror. Search people’s faces for what is innately beautiful, not for what has been ground down to “ugly.”

I urge you to visit my Free Goodies page, where yummy audios await. I promise that they will help you see the beauty living in your reflection. Contact me to learn about EFT and my approach to reclaiming and utilizing your innate beauty.

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Ready to capitalize on your strengths? The time is now.

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