Turn Your Setbacks into Opportunities

I know to prep myself for two reactions when I hear the sound of door hinges. I can send my hands skyward because a career door just flew open, or I can take a step back as a another slams in my face.

Lately, I hear more dead bolts click shut than door handles shift open. Its frustrating. Understatement.

It is soul-sucking, to watch opportunities rust over before I have the chance to slide into the experience. 

When a relational, career, or social door slams in my face, I can choose between two perspectives.

#1 See the closed door as a set back.

#2 See the closed door as a reason to notice all of my other options.

Set backs don’t exist in the present, let alone the future. @jackiepoinier

Frustration is only possible when looking backward.  #pastissolastminute

Vibing with your future?

Tell me about a recent “setback” that steered you toward a better future.

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Stuck to your yuck?

Emotional Freedom Technique frees you from the past so you can move into a more positive future.

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The Past is so last minute. Let it go with EFT.

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