The Reason You Hate

I have this secret…

That I don’t even believe. Its not quite a thought because I know its not true. I feel it though. It feels like a splash of vinegar on a heart wound.

I don’t want to avoid your phone calls, or end our relationship, or talk shit behind your back.

I want a reason to hate you.

Give me an excuse to never waste tissues on you. Give me an unforgivable that makes it easy to walk away.

In anticipation of your exit, give me a reason. Please.

Yesterday, I shaved this callous off my heart. For the first time, I can feel what my pulse has always called me to do.

What callouses guard your heart? What will it take to scrape it away? #wallsRforsquares

Tell me your secret. We can scrape it off  together.

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Seems like there is communication break down. Lets fix that.

Give me some love. C'mon. I know its in you.

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